A PYTHON remains on the loose in Parkeston after escaping its vivarium in a family home.

Phil and Dayna Hemingway went to check on their beloved pet on Wednesday morning at their home in Tyler Street.

However, the pair, and their eight-year-old son Archie, were horrified to see the snake had disappeared.

Now they believe Shylo, the five-foot yellow belly bull python, could have escaped out of an open window.

If she did, the couple say the snake could be “anywhere”.

They have urged people in the area to check boxes and their garden sheds as the reptile likes to reside in warm, dark places.

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Mr Hemingway said: “The top window was open but it’s quite a stretch for her to get up there, I can’t imagine she did but if she did and was successful then she could be anywhere right now.

“It’s very stressful, we’ve had her for two years and she’s never done anything like this.”

He revealed the family have now invested in a camera on a thing, five metre cable to check various holes in the house Shylo could have got into.

“I’ll be ecstatic if we can bring her home safely,” he added.