SEASIDE daredevils have been warned not to risk their lives with dangerous stunts after a beach-goer suffered spinal injuries jumping into the sea.

The man was left needing hospital treatment after the incident at Clacton’s West Beach.

It came after a group of young men ignored several warnings from Tendring Beach Patrol not to jump off Groyne 41.

While the rest of the group heeded a final warning, Tendring Council said one man attempted a reckless dive and injured his spine in doing so.

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The Clacton RNLI crew found the casualty kneeling in the sea in pain.

The Beach Patrol staff rushed into action, supporting the man’s head and providing first response until specialist paramedics from the Hazardous Area Response Team arrived.

They continued to keep the casualty stable until he was transferred into an ambulance and on to hospital where he was said to be in a stable condition.

Now concerned councillors have issued a warning to beach goers not to risk their lives.

Along the coast at Dovercourt, youngsters have previously risked their safety by clambering up the Leading Lights light house and leaping into the water below.

Dovercourt Bay councillor Garry Calver said the act is “incredibly dangerous,” adding: “I would quite simply say to people don’t do it.

“It may seem like a fun thing to do but it could have life changing implications and it’s just not worth it.”

He added: “It is incredibly dangerous. Apart from the groynes or the light itself there’s no telling what’s beneath the water.

“In good weather people are always keen to enjoy the beach and go into the sea, but there will always be a danger that remains in doing so.”

Across Tendring district, the council confirmed a number of sea rescues were also required, including helping those who were on inflatables and got into difficulty when they floated too far out to sea.

Alex Porter, Tendring councillor responsible for leisure and tourism, said: “We love people coming to visit and enjoy the Essex Sunshine Coast but please do so responsibly.”