AN indoor play area at a holiday camp has been completely destroyed after a fire.

Firefighters were called to Low Road, Dovercourt, at about 7.30am today (July 22).

Five crews from Dovercourt, Colchester, Clacton and Manningtree were called to the dramatically unfolding scene.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard: Picture: Peter HolderPicture: Peter Holder

The building, which measures 7m by 5m, was half ablaze when crews arrived.

They managed to extinguish the fire by 8.20am.

The building is used as an internal play area, which has been completely destroyed.

Due to the quick response of firefighters, no other buildings or property have been affected.

A full fire investigation to establish the cause will take place today, once the area has cooled.

Harwich town mayor Ivan Henderson said the incident was “really sad”.

He added: “That holiday park has invested a lot of money into its site and it has been really good to see it becoming a huge part of Dovercourt’s attraction to tourists.

“It has created a lot of local jobs too.

“It’s such bad news to hear what has happened and we can only hope everyone is safe and no one has been injured in the fire.

“I’m really sad to hear such a large part of the camp’s investment has been destroyed.”

Town councillor Maria Fowler added: “It’s a shame for any business trying to improve itself, especially in an area like this where everyone is trying to attract more holidaymakers.

“I just hope everyone involved is ok and nobody - human or pet - has been hurt.”