A MAN has pleaded with senseless “idiots” to stop upsetting his girlfriend after she received calls taunting her about her missing cat.

Alongside boyfriend Mark Goldsmith, Emma Brunsden launched a poster campaign to help bring Toby, her blind pet which has been missing since early July, home to Empire Road.

However, insensitive vandals have been tearing down the posters in Harwich and Dovercourt, derailing the duo’s attempts to find their beloved feline friend.

It has left Mr Goldsmith wondering why they are being targeted simply for trying to bring a vulnerable pet home.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

“I’ve tried various things, laminating the posters, cable-tying them, taping them on yet they still get ripped down,” he said.

“There are certain areas where they get ripped down, Cliff Road is a particular spot. I always put them up down there, come back later that day and they’re gone – I’m sure someone is watching.

“These people ripping these posters down are idiots – or they’ve got Toby and don’t want him to be found.

“We’ve had people ring up the number on the posters saying ‘we’ve got your cat, unlucky’ laughing at Emma.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

“She was in absolute pieces about that, this person was so cocky. It left her in tears and now she often doesn’t want to answer the phone.”

Despite the upset being caused, nothing has stopped the couple’s hunt for Toby, who is blind and often bumps into things.

“I’ve been walking and driving around Harwich everyday and there’s just no sign of him,” Mr Goldsmith added.

“I’m sure someone has taken him simply because there would be a sign somewhere if not; people recognise him straight away down Empire Road and I’m sure someone knows what’s happened.

“People on Facebook want to help. There are some really good people out there, but there are also idiots who want to cause trouble.

“It probably wouldn’t go down too well if I ever got hold of them.

“Someone must know where he is, if the worst thing had happened and he’d been run over then surely we would’ve found out by now. To be missing for four weeks with no clue is very odd.”

If you believe you have seen Toby then contact hms.news@newsquest.co.uk.