A FESTIVAL has come under fire from fuming families who claim organisers failed to deliver the event they advertised.

Clacton Family Festival, which took place in Weeley, had promised to be the ideal day out for parents and carers with young children.

Located on the Hawk Fruit Farm site, the fun day was supposed to feature a myriad of attractions and performers, such as Peppa Pig.

Soft play areas, bouncy castles, trampolines and inflatable slides were also set to be part of the festival, in addition to face painting, massages and yoga sessions.

Festival organiser Philip Gilgunn previously said families would “make memories that would last a lifetime,” at the event, and in some ways they did, just not fond ones.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

Becky Hemingway, 33, attended the Clacton Family festival with her two children, aged three and six, and her husband, all of whom left feeling short-changed.

She said: “My children could not wait to leave and I felt awful I had chosen the festival to be our last family day out before going back to school.

“I do not normally complain, but it was definitely a false advertisement and it cost families a lot of money – most people left after two hours.

“The website they set up looked amazing, but it was all a mess.

“The people who organised the event have made a hell of a lot of money without delivering much.”

Online there has also been disappointment from families who feel cheated.

Many have said the festival felt disorganised and lacked a decent number of rides and attractions, and large queues plagued people’s enjoyment.

Elisabeth Munn, 33, of Colchester, paid a total of £57 to visit the festival with her five-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter.

She said: “The whole thing was appalling. Half the stalls were not there, everything was overpriced and the organisation was a shambles.

“There was no information on what was on and what time, and attendants were charging people £10 for parking.

“It was a complete waste of hard-earned money and it was literally an empty field with some bouncy castles.”

“I was so disappointed so I have emailed them but had no response.”

Zoe Percival, of Colchester, added: “We would have had more fun in our back garden because it was honestly awful.

“The poster was so hyped up compared to what it was actually like and Peppa Pig was on a time limit – did she have somewhere to be?”

“I debated selling my tickets but I am glad I didn’t because I would have felt ashamed for the person I sold them to.”

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

Zara Songer, 46, of Brightlingsea, went to the festival with her partner and five-year-old son.

She has also said many of the stalls and entertainment promised prior to the event did not materialise on the day.

She added: “It was absolutely atrocious and there are a lot of disgruntled customers wanting refunds but the organisers are just not responding.

“Surely false advertising is illegal and there must be a way of stopping this happening again next year.”

Clacton Family Festival has been contacted for comment.