A COLOURFUL spectacle for a Hindu elephant god which has now hit a milestone anniversary is set to return to a seaside town this weekend.

The Ganesha Visarjan festival is a vibrant and significant ceremony marking the end of 10 days of prayer and celebration of the birth of Ganesh Chaturthi.

During the event offerings are made to Ganesh, the god of wisdom and prosperity, and a statue of the elephant god is carried into the sea and immersed in the water.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

The Hindu Cultural and Heritage Centre in Clacton has been supporting the ceremony for the last seven years but this year the event will commemorate its 20th anniversary.

Hundreds of people are expected, and invited, to attend the celebration, organised by the Sri Karpaga Vinayagar Temple, and guests will be treated to packed lunches.

The Ganesha Visarjan festival, which takes place on the section of beach located near Clacton Pier, will run from 10am until 3pm this Sunday.