RESIDENTS of an historic town have been raging after a botched road resurfacing job left a “beautiful” road looking shambolic.

Contractors carried out the work in Kings Quay Street in Harwich but residents were left wondering why they had bothered after what was described as a “poor job”.

The north end of the town where the road is situated is known as Historic Harwich as it is steeped in a wealth of maritime history and visitors travel from afar to admire its beauty.

Yet, for Dan Holman, who lives on the street, the charm of the road has been destroyed by the “shocking” resurfacing.

“I walked out my door and was shocked, all the other people on the road were fuming,” the 41-year-old said.

“We’re all paying for this and it’s just a rubbish job; a poor job.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

“It’s a complete waste of time and there was so much disruption in getting it done, yet it still looks rubbish.

“There are stones all over the road which get stuck in your trainers and then end up in your house.

“There was a road sweeper driving along sucking up all the dirt and then blowing the dust and debris back out the top.

“My five and six-year-olds were coughing, we all have to walk to primary school but this was like a sandstorm.

“We had all moved our cars so the work could be carried out yet there seems to be a real lack of organisation to ensure it was done properly.

“The council is probably paying top money for this yet they’ve got a rubbish job. They’ve come into what is a beautiful, historic part of town and chucked in a terrible bit of road.

“Residents care about their town, so when people turn up, do this, and go they’re going to be annoyed.”

A spokesman for Essex Highways said “These works were repairs to specific parts of King Quay Street. Not all areas of the road needed extra work so we only resurfaced the areas that did, meaning there are some darker, fresher areas which should blend in over time.

“Any loose stone left is swept up by mechanical sweeping and hand blowers to clear other areas.

“We apologise for any excess dust, which may have been caused by a fault with the machine. Our surfacing manager will check the work and see if any further remedial measures are required.”