A FATHER who was bored of children’s books being “no fun” and decided to take control of the narrative is now celebrating the upcoming launch of his second publication.

Leon Howlett treasured his moments reading with his first-born child Lily, now five, but found the books didn’t excite her as much as they should’ve.

Taking matters into his own hands, the train driver from Bradfield would make up his own stories in an attempt to make her laugh. Realising it was working, he began to write them down to keep for another day.

Nowadays any ideas he conjures up while at work he quickly jots down on his planning sheet between stops at train stations.

His next major destination, however, will be the launch of his second book in December, something the 46-year-old can’t wait for.

“I grew up with Dr Suess and Roald Dahl, the more wacky stories which are a bit more out there,” he said.

“There are so many big publishing houses concentrating on growth mindset etcetera and, while I agree these books are needed - absolutely, where has the fun gone?

“My friend is an illustrator and we got together and decided to do our own. It sat under my coffee table for a year before I introduced it to a publisher.

“It’s all really exciting but I’m keeping my feet firmly on the ground as it’s so hard to get going. Each time I get an idea I write them down and use them when thinking about the next book.”

Encouraged by the success of his first book published in October last year - ‘Professor Von Schmell and his fart powered bike’ – Mr Howlett’s second book in the series is now available to pre-order and will be out in December.

“It’s a really good feeling to know people are out there buying my work,” he added, “but it’s also utterly terrifying.

“It feels like I’m really baring myself to the public, like I’m walking down the street naked and having people judge me.

“Thankfully everyone started to like it and people I bump into tell me they’re enjoying the book.

“I loved writing them, I love doing this. If it makes my kids laugh then I know I’m onto a winner.”

You can pre-order Professor von Schmell and the Garden PooCano online at shookbop.com.