YOUNG school pupils were able to get at taste of history after a trip to a historic village church.

Staff and pupils from the De Vere Primary School, in Castle Hedingham, made a visit to St Nicholas’ Church.

They dropped into the church last week to see the impressive ‘Voices from the Pews’ exhibition.

The exhibition was launched in July and includes the stories and memories of villagers, researched by a dedicated team of heritage volunteers.

It was organised by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and is free to attend.

As well as a virtual tour of the village, visitors could take a tour of the 12th Century church.

On display are numerous interesting artifacts and features, including a mosaic and tapestry, both inspired by local heritage, the church’s sinister ‘skin door’, ancient tomb and Norman wheel window.

The school pupils has a great time exploring the church.

A spokesman for the school said: “The children were accompanied by teacher Samantha Marsh and parents.

“The children were fascinated by the wide range of exhibits, including the history of the church and village with the gruesome ‘skin door’ dating from 1180 being a favourite.

“The flag from the wartime Corvette HMS Hedingham Castle was displayed and the the fierce-looking brass eagle lectern was gingerly touched by trembling little hands.

“The visit ended with a tour of the churchyard where the children were tasked with finding the oldest tombstone.”