A DOG trick trainer has conjured up a new celebration to help people enjoy finding new ways to spend more quality time with their pets.

National Pet Tricks Day, on Thursday, was created by Joe Nutkins, 42, to celebrate spending time having fun with pets of all species, sizes and abilities.

The trainer from Great Oakley said: “I am lucky enough to see a huge amount of dog breeds taking part in achieving their tricks titles, but it isn’t just for dogs - I’ve assessed cats, African grey parrots and Hamsters.

“I have trained with my own Norwich terriers to enjoy them achieving their Trick Dog Champion titles, while my house duck, Echo, is the world’s first trick duck.

“If my own dogs, ducks and even chickens can enjoy learning new tricks in return for praise and garden peas then imagine how much fun other Pets and their families can have learning tricks too.”

Go to facebook.com/PetTricksDay for more.