A CHRISTIAN group was the answer to many prayers when it raised money to help families in need during the pandemic.

Harwich’s Salvation Army raised money to buy more than 60,000 meals for vulnerable people and families in need during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Church leaders Shawn and Victoria Moye joined forces with Harwich Connexions to support people struggling to feed themselves and their families.

The money came from public donations and grants.

By the end of September, the Salvation Army had provided enough food parcels to make 62,784 meals.

That compares to only one food parcel being given out by the couple by January 2020.

But when lockdown saw a surge in demand, they knew a different approach was needed.

Shawn said: “There was a real sense of urgency, and when we had requests for food parcels, we provided them as soon as possible.

“People started to donate and a number of companies in and around the town also helped.

“A team of people went to Morrisons for supplies before the food was bagged up and taken to the community transport teams at Harwich Connexions.”

Victoria said: “The pandemic has left people facing debt and uncertainty.

“We had a message recently from Tendring Council asking us to support someone who had to move without warning.

“We were able to provide them with food in an hour.”

The pair praised everyone who has helped out during the pandemic.

The joint leaders teamed up with 22 other organisations from around the area to launch support network Harwich Helps to aid people who are vulnerable and self-isolating.

The leaders also paid tribute to all the volunteers who came forward to offer their time.

Shawn said: “We were much stronger together.

“Collaboration with others meant we had a much greater impact but its easy to forget there are still people who are in real need.

“We’ve been blessed with donations, and would also like to thank the public for all their support.”

If you’d like to donate, go to justgiving.com/fundraising/tsa-community-support-000210.