A RESIDENTIAL road was plunged into chaos after a tree collapsed onto powerlines yesterday.

Powers Hall End in Witham was brought to a standstill when a large tree collapsed onto the road.

Drivers were confronted with a complete road blockage which was impassable by car.

Power lines on the street were also knocked out by the fallen tree which landed on top of them.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service teams from Witham were called to the scene at around 9.17pm on Tuesday, October 19.

Two teams of on-call firefighters were roped in to help the residents.

After their arrival, teams were able to see the tree had fallen across a power line, but was also leaning against a home.

Witnesses from the scene and images taken show the tree had also fallen on a parked car and another witness added homeowners couldn't open their door due to the tree.

Personnel from the local authority and the National Grid were also called to deal with the situation.

But drivers were left in the lurch with the road, which is an important and frequently used route in the town, being closed for more than four hours.

Emergency workers worked round the clock to clear the tree and the road was made safe by 1.38am.

However, some locals have later reported seeing tree surgeons cutting up the tree at around 2.50am.

A spokesman for the Essex County Fire and Rescue Service said: "We were called to Powers Hall End, Witham, at 9:17pm yesterday after reports of a tree falling onto power lines.

"On arrival, on-call firefighters from Witham confirmed that the road was blocked by a tree, which had fallen across a power line and was leaning against a house. 

"Two crews, working with the local authority and National Grid, cut branches off the tree and helped to make the scene safe by 1.38am."

Resident Chris Beazeley witnessed the carnage.

He said: "We heard a great crashing sound after 9pm and went to look. 

"The tree was covering all or part of two of our neighbours. 

"A number of neighbours diverted traffic until the fire brigade arrived. 

"They reported that the roots were rotten and we're concerned by other trees over the road but are unsure whether they are owned by properties behind them or by the council.

"Road was being cleared and tree sawn until about 3am.

"I believe there was a temporary power loss. Emergency services shut off the road fairly promptly and someone did a good job of cleaning up."