A FLOOD warning has been issued for the River Stour at Mistley.

The alert, issued by the Flood Information Service, tells those areas most at risk are The Walls, Mistley Place Park, and waterside properties at Mistley Quay.

A 'flood alert' means flooding is possible and people should be prepared, but the status is not as serious as a 'flood warning' or a 'severe flood warning'.

The service said: “Minor flooding to coastal roads and footpaths is likely between 11.00am and 3.00pm this afternoon, Thursday 21st October.”

The detailed forecast for those that use it is for a peak level at Harwich of 3.05mAODN at 1.00pm, on Thursday October 21, which is 0.97m above tide tables, wind Force 5, North Westerly (mAODN is height above average sea level, for more information refer to local tide tables).

They added: “Flood water is dangerous, don't put yourself or others at risk.

“We are monitoring the situation and not expecting the situation to escalate.”

The situation was last updated 10.40am on Thursday.