A MUM whose daughter was spiked during a night out has reacted in horror to reports of young clubbers being unknowingly injected with drugs.

Emma Benjamin, 39, of Shrub End, Colchester, has called for urgent action after students reported being spiked by needles.

Some of those who believe they have fallen victim to the evil attacks say they have lost their memory before finding a pin-prick mark on their bodies.

Emma, whose 18-year-old daughter Shania suspects she was spiked last month in Colchester’s town centre has now slammed the culprits responsible.

She said: “I am gobsmacked and this is definitely getting out of hand – so now lids on drinks cannot even keep us safe?

“What is wrong with these people who are going around doing it? What are they actually getting from this disgusting behaviour?

“Clearly searching people is not working if people are able to get needles into clubs. I think the days of feeling safe in this country are now over and that is so sad.”

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

Emma was made aware of her daughter being spiked when she received a worrying phone call shortly before 12am from her close friends.

They informed her that Shania had collapsed while out clubbing in Head Street and had fallen ill before becoming unresponsive.

She immediately rushed to her aid before taking her to hospital, during which time she passed out multiple times before eventually recovering.

Emma says her daughter has since been deeply impacted by what happened to her on that night and it has affected her ability to enjoy herself.

“She hardly goes out now,” added Emma.

“She has been to town twice since but has been home by 12am and she is very cautious about how much she drinks now.

“It's not fair on the victims because it really does affect their mental health - what is it going to take before someone actually listens and does something?”

Since Shania’s shocking ordeal Essex Police has launched an investigation after they received at least 12 reports of suspected spiking in Colchester.

One of those came from Helen Dunston, 68, whose two daughters, aged 42 and 27, were at a town centre bar when her youngest collapsed.

She previously said her daughter had become “like jelly and could barely stand up and was clearly drugged” and was “foaming at the mouth.”

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When asked for an update on how the force’s investigation was progressing, a spokesman said: “We are aware of the national issues raised around drink spiking.

“We are working together with partners and with licensed premises to ensure people can enjoy a safe night out in Colchester - our CID-led investigation remains ongoing.”