DETERMINED volunteers will brave River Stour to protest against MPs’ vote to allow raw sewage to spill into waterways.

Manningtree’s Mermaids will take a dip in the water tomorrow to raise awareness on the Government’s stance on the policy.

The group, which stays in touch via Whatsapp, was founded by meditation practitioner Kellie Rogers, 45, of Manningtree, last year.

Kellie sparked locals’ interest with her daily swims in the River Stour throughout the pandemic which also encouraged her to launch Manningtree Mermaids.

The group has about 100 members now, some of whom join Kellie regularly for a dip in the cold water.

Ness Woodcock-Dennis, 48, of Stones Green, is one of them.

Ness, who is also a nurse and nursing lecturer at the University of Essex, came up with the idea to devote one of the swimming sessions on raising awareness on sewage dumps.

She said: “The MPs have an opportunity to change things and we are seeing the majority of them don’t appear to care.

“We have a Government which thinks it is OK to flush sewage in the waters.

“This event is to engage people with politics and understand what the real situation is.”

Harwich and Manningtree Standard: Ness Woodcock-DennisNess Woodcock-Dennis

Kellie, who had been braving River Stour since March 2020, even when it is snowing, said: “Throwing sewage in the waters doesn’t feel right - it seems completely ridiculous.

“We need to look after the planet and take responsibility for the world we live in, not pollute it.

“We are part of the nature. We need to look after the planet which means looking after our health as well.”

The event will take place tomorrow (October 30) at 7.30am outside Manningtree's Stour Sailing Club.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard: Kellie Rogers and son Saski HerbstKellie Rogers and son Saski Herbst