QUIZ and music lovers alike are invited to join an event which combines them both, while raising money for charity.

The Harwich Society will be hosting their popular music quiz at 8pm on Monday at Royal Oak public house in Main Road in support of Saint Helena Hospice.

Each quiz consists of 100 pieces of popular music and all teams have to do is name the artist.

The music ranges from the 1960s through to the present day and goes from reggae to rock with everything else in between.

Councillor Garry Calver, who compiles the quiz along with Lynsey Calver, said: “It’s been so long since we were able to run a music quiz and there can be no better cause for our first one back than Saint Helena Hospice. 

"The music quizzes are always very popular and the team thoroughly enjoys running them. 

"We look forward to seeing lots of old faces and hopefully new ones as well for the first music quiz in nearly two years.”

Tickets are £2 per person.

 Visit harwich-society.co.uk