Hundreds of foodies flocked to the streets of Harwich to watch one of the quirkiest annual events in town.

The mouth-watering Harwich Sausage Festival saw nine butchers vying to win the title of creating Tendring’s favourite sausage.

Festival goers were invited for a blind banger tasting across the pubs of Harwich, where the Marmite sausage, from Ramsey Master Butchers, was announced the winner.

Second place was given to Brightlingsea’s Smith’s Butchers, followed by Chas Bower, of Holland-on-Sea.

A banger throwing competition, for which only out-of-date sausages were used, was another part of the festival, with locals lobbing bangers as far as they could.

Todd Rothwell, who was competing for the Alma Inn won the first prize with a 128ft throw, followed by Robert Maisey, of Smith’s Butchers, with a throw of 112ft.

The third place went to Carl Hoffmann, of Chas Bower, and his 91ft throw.

Richard Oxborrow, co-organiser of the festival, said: “The turnout was amazing and the day was truly wonderful.

“A unique piece of Harwich has returned.”

Colin Cheesman, also co-organising the event, said: “The atmosphere was something that you can only experience in historic Harwich and the festival again proved what we said last year when it had to be run on line - nothing stops a sausage!”