CHRISTMAS shopping and lights on events will take place as usual this year in Harwich.

Harwich Town Council will be putting up Christmas lights towards the end of November on lampposts around the town and at Harwich Quay.

Local primary school children will be asked to paint pictures on three given topics and the winners will turn on the Christmas lights with Mayor Ivan Henderson.

Christmas events in Harwich include children’s rides, food stalls, Harwich sings, fire engine access and more to be announced.

Harwich town centre leader Sally Goff said: “My job is to coordinate events like this, liaise with the council and liaise with the traders.

“The high street is changing, and my aim is to improve the high street’s appearance, find ways of attracting people into town through events, and generally support the town centre.

“Local people don’t realise what’s in town, but COVID helped as it made people shop more locally.”

The Harwich and Dovercourt traders, formerly known as the Harwich and Dovercourt partnership, are organising Christmas festivities in Harwich.

Jake Race is on the Harwich and Dovercourt traders committee and also owns a stall that sells toys on Fridays.

He said: "With the late night shopping, a lot of the shops in the town will remain open and we will have the full list nearer to the date.

"There will be a crafts market and Santa's grotto at Kingsway Hall and tombolas will take place with community groups and local charities"

The events will begin with the lights on taking place on Saturday, December 4.