RESIDENTS have voiced their concerns after revised plans for the development of 86 homes in Great Oakley have been published.

Original proposals outlined 96 homes on the land off Beaumont Road, however, following a public consultation, this was cut back to 86.

The application site, which is situated at the south-western end of Great Oakley, is a former agricultural field, which covers almost four hectares.

As part of the build, a community building and play area, public car park, landscaping and ancillary works will also be made available.

Many residents have, however, objected to the plans, which have been submitted by Great Oakley Developers.

According to some villagers, Great Oakley is lacking the needed infrastructure to support plans of this kind and further development will only spoil the urban look of the village.

Local resident Mr Connar Johnson said: "I recently moved to Great Oakley for a more of a quiet village life to be able to enjoy the countryside more.

"I feel this development is overcrowd for the area and will have a massive impact on the wildlife, traffic to the area and the design of these new builds are out of character."

Another local Teresa Bennett added: "The doctors are not accepting new patients at the moment and this development will completely upset the ambience and tranquility of this small village.

"The area in question used to be a nice walk through to other footpaths and the school and now looks just like a fenced off building site. "

An Essex County Council report has suggested there is enough primary and secondary school capacity in the area to support the development.

 The authority will,however, be seeking a secondary school transport contribution from developers as the nearest school falls outside the statutory area.

A social infrastructure report has also estimated the development will generate 207 residents but this would not affect local healthcare provision.

Environmental concerns, however, were another cause of worry for local residents, with some of them saying the development will have a detrimental impact on wildlife.

Steve Hayes said: "The 86 houses will generate an additional 172 additional car within the village minimum all trying to get out of one entrance onto Beaumont Road.

"They will be sitting there with engines running polluting the environment. 

"The natural environment of the area will be affected as the land is now a haven for wildlife, and plants, which will just be ripped up or forced to go somewhere else."

Tim Racher, land promoter, has said: "The new housing has been sensitively designed having regard to the existing housing immediately adjacent and the wider look and feel of the village.

"The housing is low density and fits into its immediate surroundings and village as a whole.

"The new housing will fund a new community building on site, children's play area, and a public car park for use by those using the sports pitches, allotments and can be used for school drop off and pick up.

"The new population will help support the local shop, community pub and other facilities in the village, as well as contributing to local school and medical provision through the Local Education Authority and Clinical Commissioning Group."

Tendring District Council has still to rule on the planning application and the public are still able to submit their views.