LIFEBOAT crews were called into action after an eight meter motor cruiser had run out of fuel. 

Harwich RNLI volunteers were called ten miles off Felixstowe last Tuesday after UK Coastguard had received a pan-pan call - urgent help required, but no immediate danger.

Having been pinged at 8.45pm, crews rushed to help the cruiser which had two people on board.

The volunteers brought the boat and its two occupants safely into Shotley Marina.

The spokesman added: " An eight metre motor cruiser with two people on board had run out of fuel 10 miles north east of Felixstowe’s Landguard Point while on route to Ipswich from Lowestoft.

"The charity’s Severn Class all-weather lifeboat Albert Brown was swiftly launched.

"The whole time the lifeboat was travelling the stricken vessel continued to drift swiftly due to tide and wind, which meant it was six miles east of Orfordness when the lifeboat caught up with it.

"Once alongside and the casualties were assessed, it was deemed the safest option was to take the vessel under tow to Shotley Marina, where they were met by volunteers from the Holbrook Coastguard Rescue Team at the marina’s lock at 00.30am on Wednesday morning."

The RNLI urges people to call 999 and ask for the Coastguard before attempting to help someone in trouble.