An Essex-based hen which has more than 2,000 Instagran followers will feature in a special charity calendar.

El Hefè is one of 50 feathery friends belonging to Sophia Roma whose other pets include pigeons, golden pheasants, peacocks, ducks, more chickens, and cockerels.

The hen is one of five chickens that Sophia, from Chelmsford, rehomed from the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT).

El Hefe, which means ‘the boss’ in Spanish, was chosen for the charity’s 2022 calendar after a competition asking people to submit images of their pet hens.

The hen will feature as the March picture.

Sophia, 31, said: “She’s very sassy and people just seem to love her. She’s had some health problems over the years so she’s very spoiled now.

“She goes outside during the day, but she spends a lot of time inside too. When El Hefè is ready to come in she stands at the gate, once it’s opened, she runs back to the house and straight into the back door.

“Then she spends the evening on a throw at the end of my bed, and when it’s time to sleep she takes herself off to a dog bed in my walk-in cupboard.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard: El Hefè is one of 50 feathery friends belonging to Sophia RomaEl Hefè is one of 50 feathery friends belonging to Sophia Roma

“I can’t pick favourites out of my animals, but she spends the most time with me, and she seems to be the people’s favourite judging by how many followers she has on social media.”

Sophia, a balloonist, who has had hens all her life and has been keeping rehomed ex-commercial hens for almost four years, says that her flocks, who live free range on a smallholding, always come first.

Sophia added: “I just love to give the rehomed hens a second chance and see them grow into their characters. They’re all a little different, some are shy, some are bossy, and some want to do their own thing.

“It’s so rewarding to have rehomed hens and see them transform. El Hefè is just fabulous and brings so much joy to people all over the world. She’s very loved and very spoiled – my shopping list is normally full of treats for my birds rather than me!”