A WEATHER warning has been put in place as Essex prepares to feel the full force of Storm Barra's potentially disruptive winds.

The Met Office is predicting high winds will impact the county and a vast majority of the entire country throughout the day.

The wind speed is set to hit 30mph and is expected to rise throughout the afternoon with gusts of 50mph expected in Colchester at about 6pm. 

In Southend wind speeds are expected to reach 47mph while in Clacton they could reach as high as 53mph. 

As a result, experts believe the conditions will likely cause travel chaos in certain areas and public transport services will be delayed or take longer.

There could also be some short term loss of power and damage to trees, while large waves are also expected to hit coastal communities such has Clacton and Harwich.

To find out more information visit metoffice.gov.uk.