PUNCHING pensioners have been caught on camera brawling and swearing in a supermarket car park after being overcome with road rage.

Lewis Goldsmith, 31, pulled into Morrisons, at the Waterglade Retail Park, in Clacton, to pick-up some baby formula before noticing a scuffle between two elderly men.

After realising the pair were in their 60s and 70s he immediately whipped out his mobile phone to capture the unbelievable fight as it unfolded.

In the clip, which has been exclusively sent to the Gazette, one of the men’s vehicles appears to have come to a standstill on a small road in front of a junction.

The other man’s car, however, is positioned at the stop lines of the junction but is unable to pull out due to being blocked by his fight partner’s motor.

After squaring up to each other and exchanging several explicit words, the more elderly pensioner is pushed backwards before he instantly retaliates.

The video then shows him shoving the other man onto the bonnet of his car and hitting him before Mr Goldsmith and another woman intervene.

“I was behind the older guy waiting for him to move as he had just stopped and seemed to not notice he was stationed across a junction,” added Mr Goldsmith.

“Then when the other chap approached that blocked junction he started making hand gestures suggesting he could not get out.

“He then stepped out of the car to show the elderly fellow the road markings and that he needed to move – but then he got out and started shouting.

“I never expected the shove and punches but given their age I thought I had to get out and prevent one of them falling or hitting their heads – turns out one was quite agile.”

According to Mr Goldsmith, who runs Parkway Plasters, in Colchester, the older man’s wife, “who wore the trousers”, appeared to “save the day” and pull him away.

He added: “I think they will both regret it but not nobody was hurt and clearly no matter the age, boys will be boys.”