FLOOD warnings have been issued for the Essex coast today.

The alert, issued by the Flood Information Service, covers Parkeston including the quay, railway station, A136 and A120.

The Ramsey River is also at risk with Wrabness Road and The Street in Ramsey listed as concerns.

Mistley is under threat because of the River Stour, with mention of The Walls, Mistley Place Park, and waterside properties at Mistley Quay in particular.

The alert said: “This message has been issued because flooding of homes and businesses is likely between 11:30am and 3:30pm on Wednesday 5th January. 

“Tides are expected to be higher than usual, due to forecast weather conditions during spring tides.”

The alert added: “We are monitoring the situation and will keep you updated of the flood risk.

“We will update this message by 5pm this afternoon, Wednesday 5th January.”

Please send any pictures you have of flooding in these areas to dami.adewale@newsquest.co.uk.