FAMILY members of a man who took his own life have paid tribute to him.

Tracy Morgan, Nigel’s younger sister, told the inquest how the family wanted him to be remembered as an “exceptional human being”.

She described him as a funny, intelligent, kind and handsome.

Tracy said: “Nigel was a nature lover who loved art and fought for the freedom of the oppressed.

“He was an exceptional human being who had bad luck and the cards stacked against him from the start.”

Area coroner Sean Horstead gave his views after concluding Mr Clack took his own life.

Mr Horstead said he rued the missed opportunity to help Mr Clack through mental health services he believes should have been used more frequently.

He said: “Nigel was a remarkable person, a maverick and very different to most people.

“He had the support and deep love of his partner Marie and his family, who have expressed their care for him today.”