THERE ain’t no mountain high enough to deter keen climber Mick Curnick from helping residents at a care home.

Mick set his sights high when he decided to climb the Bidean Nam Bian mountain, the highest point in the former county of Argyll in Scotland at 1,150m, one day and then traversed the UK’s highest peak Ben Nevis the next.

The challenge was to raise funds for a new device to help care home residents suffering from dementia.

 After just one day’s rest Mick, 56, of Park Square East, in Clacton, is today planning to climb mountains in England’s Lake District.

Mick worked as a station manager in the London Fire Brigade for 30 years.

His last 14 years were based at Homerton fire station in Hackney before his retirement in 2019.

Two years earlier he got the mountain climbing bug after doing some skills courses with Jagged Globe.

Mick’s wife Kate Emery, 53, who is the manager of Beaumont Manor care home which is benefitting from the fundraiser, spoke about his mountaineering adventures.

She said: “He goes away once a month depending on Covid. “He’s been to the Alps and climbed mountains all around Europe.

“The Alps was his biggest challenge, he did that with Jagged Globe and they crossed the borders of Italy, France and Switzerland. He stayed in mountain huts and had an amazing time.

“Mick has climbed Scafell Pike, which is the largest mountain in England, based at the Lake District, he’s also climbed Snowdon in Wales.

“He’s hoping to go to the Himalayas next year and climb Mirror Peak, which will take him through Everest base camp.”

Mick hopes his latest challenge will generate funds for a Mobii Magic Table for the care home which helps people living with dementia.

The table has various functions including a projector which can bring cheerful images to bedridden patients.

The device also has games, sensory stimulation and can project a life history collage for those struggling with their memory.

Beaumont Manor care home also held a Christmas raffle which raised £4,500 towards the £7,000 cost and Kate also plans on doing a sponsored swim to boost the total.

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