DRIVERS in Essex have been found to be some of the fastest in the country, with one senseless motorist being caught travelling at 158mph.

Go Shorty, a short-term car insurance provider, has conducted a series of freedom of information requests to find out more information about speed cameras in the UK.

The intriguing research lists the areas with the most speed cameras as well as the top ten highest speeds clocked by road-users.

The findings show Essex boasts a total of 100 speed cameras, making it the sixth most watched place for drivers in the entire country.

Majority of the offences caught on camera in the county between 2018 and 2020 occurred on the Dartford Crossing in Thurrock.

Nearby Suffolk, on the other hand, only harnesses five speed cameras, with majority of speeding offences being committed on the A12.

Essex is also home to the fourth fastest speeder in the UK, after a motorist was clocked doing 158mph – a feat bettered by a Nottinghamshire driver who hit 191-mph.

The area with the slowest top speeder was Cheshire, although they still managed to reach a top speed of 94mph.

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