RESIDENTS were left fuming after a gang of teenagers were caught on CCTV causing damage and kicking down a fence.

The group of five could be seen causing mayhem in Connaught Avenue in Frinton, after which they fled the scene.

The CCTV footage caught the moment one of the teenagers leaned onto the fence, followed by another yob kicking it down.

One of the teenagers, who was spotted running after the group, was on crutches.

A member of the public has posted the video on Facebook, sparking angry and upset residents to rally together.

Frinton's deputy mayor Terry Allen, who has previously called on Tendring Council for more CCTV cameras to be installed around Frinton, described the incident as "a disgusting behaviour by young people".

He said:"The parents would recognise their children and I am sure the local school teacher will too.

"From what is seen on social media, people do know these lads and what they need to do is tell the authorities or at least their parents what they are doing.

"They need to have a sharp word with them now. If they are left to do this vandalism it will go from bad to worse and they will end up ruining the rest of their lives."

Last November, 20 people were told to leave Connaught Avenue by police and five were taken home following anti-social behaviour.

Tendring Councillor Lynda McWilliams, who is responsible for partnerships, said: “We work closely with our partners at Essex Police to tackle issues of anti-social behaviour, such as vandalism and criminal damage, across our communities.

“In addition we both support and carry out programmes with schools and young people to try to address root causes of these actions, taking a holistic approach to keeping our communities safe and pleasant places in which to live and work.”

A spokesman for Essex Police added: "Our enquiries remain ongoing as we seek to establish any additional and verifiable information which may help with our investigations. "