A FRUSTRATED councillor has slammed “the idiocy” of reckless drivers as another van got stuck under a notorious underpass.

A van ploughed into the railway bridge at Manningtree railway station, causing traffic delays and raising concerns.

Despite the clear signage, drivers have misjudged the height of the underpass on numerous occasions and the bridge has even made it on to Network Rail’s list of shame for the most bashed bridges between 2020 and 2021.

Following the most recent accident, Tendring councillor Carlo Guglielmi, who is responsible for enforcement, said he is determined to take action against the reckless drivers.

He said: “I have seen the photographs and I fully intend to get Essex Highways to charge these mindless idiots the cost of repairing the bridge.

“There is no excuse for it.

“It is absolute lunacy that someone would not take enough care what the height of the bridge is when it is such in bold letters.

“I will pursue the number plate for a claim for repairing it because enough is enough.”

Following the accident, some train services in the Manningtree area were affected and drivers have reported being stuck in traffic for more than an hour.

One frustrated resident said: “The amount of times this happens makes you wonder if the drivers that can’t judge the height should be driving at all if their eyesight is that bad.”

Mr Guglielmi has said improved signage will be installed but it is the drivers who should take more responsibility for their actions.

He said: “I am sorry but there is only so much you can do for people’s idiocy.

“Everybody passes their driving test on the presumption they understand the signage.

“The good thing is not everybody gets stuck under there. You have the odd idiots who make it look like it is a mockery.

“There will be a complete resurfacing later in the year and also some footway will be introduced because there is no safe crossing for pedestrians to go.”