DRIVERS and motor fans are gearing up for the return of the Corbeau Seats Rally in Tendring this weekend.

This year the event, on Saturday and Sunday, will open the 2022 Motorsport UK British Rally Championship.

In 2018, the rally in Tendring was the first to make use of new legislation which allowed closed road motorsport in England.

It included five stages across the Tendring countryside and Clacton was only used as a staging area.

But this year a new twilight spectator stage, described as being perfect for spectators, will take place on Clacton seafront for the first time.

The seafront stage will take place along the promenade, starting below the Connaught Gardens area and finishing just before Clacton Pier.

It is due to be staged on Saturday between 6pm and 8.30pm.

The cars will also complete loops of closed road stages, with two designated spectator viewing areas and facilities.

The viewing areas include Ship Hill, Bradfield, on Sunday from 9am to 10.05am, 12.30pm to 1.30pm and 3.40pm to 4.40pm.

It also include Wick Road, Great Bentley, on Sunday from 9.40am to 11.40am, 1.05pm to 3pm and 4.20pm to 6.10pm.

The event, run by Chelmsford Motor Club, is returning for the first time since 2019 after twice being cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Spokesman Andrew Bisping said: “Our sense of anticipation and excitement is building ahead of the rally.

“This is based on the welcome we’ve already received from residents around the route and our inclusion as the opening round of the British Rally Championship 2022.

“The new seafront stage in Clacton itself on Saturday evening, from 6pm, running on the promenade is a new innovation that’s generating plenty of interest.

“The family friendly atmosphere from previous events is one we’re keen to see again, as we return to a Clacton base and visit the surrounding areas of Tendring”.

Corbeau Seats managing director Victor Lee said being included in the British Rally Championship is a “feather in the cap” for Chelmsford Motor Club.

“After two difficult years, we’re delighted to be back,” he said.

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