Essex television star Jeremy Spake has returned to where it all began with his latest show.

Jeremy began his TV career in 1996, making regular appearances on the BBC documentary series Airport.

The show filmed behind the scenes at Heathrow Airport, where he was ground services manager for Aeroflot Russian Airlines.

The Airport: Back in the Skies began airing on screens last month and sees Jeremy return to Heathrow as a presenter for the new show.

The BBC was given access to Heathrow’s operations as the airport worked through the rise of the Omicron variant and its impact on travel.

The five-part series follows workers from across Heathrow including baggage, passenger services, airside operations, NATS, various airlines and new Terminal 2 restaurant, Shan Shui.

Jeremy also interviews Heathrow’s Chief Executive, John Holland-Kaye throughout the series, covering several different topics from sustainability to the industry’s recovery.

Jeremy, who has links to Great Bentley and Braintree, said: “While Covid has been truly devastating for the aviation industry globally, it also provides a first chance in more than 20 years to reaffirm high standards, outstanding quality of service and perhaps most importantly gives us an opportunity to press the reset button, by under promising and over-delivering to customers who are eager to reconnect with others face to face.

“I am delighted to be back at Heathrow and of course BBC One.”

Jeremy, who studied in Braintree, was awarded an honorary degree from Colchester Institute back in 2014.

He has enduring links with the college, having studied a City and Guilds travel and tourism course at Braintree College in the mid-1980s.

It later resulted in him receiving a special achievement award from Prince Philip, who is patron of the Guild.

You can watch The Airport: Back in the Skies on BBC iPlayer.