Stars on the hit Essex-based show TOWIE were booted off a flight from the Dominican Republic after refusing to wear masks and one cast member vaping.

Nine stars on hit ITV show The Only Way Is Essex were removed from an Air Europa flight from the Dominican Republic to Madrid on Tuesday.

Newcomer Pia Grace Smith revealed on Instagram that "half the cast" were stuck in Madrid on their way back home after being kicked off the plane because they didn't wear masks.

In her Instagram stories, she said: "24 hours later, we're still travelling, we got chucked off the flight because we didn't wear masks, it was like half the cast that got chucked off.

"We've had to sit here in Madrid airport for 10 hours. I'm not going to get back to the UK until 11.30pm, I won't be back in my bed until 1am."

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A group of five women and four men - including new girls Pia, Hannah Voyen and Mia Sully, as well as TOWIE veteran James 'Diags' Bennewith - had refused to wear face coverings, with one star also vaping on the plane.

Diags took to his own Instagram to confirm the group had been "chucked off the flight in Madrid" for what he said was "no reason".

Air Europa rules state that any electric cigarettes must not be used on board and the use of masks covering the nose and mouth on the airline is mandatory.

The cast members were spoken to by police over their behaviour and missed their onward flight to London.

Civil Guard officers confirmed to MailOnline that they were asked to intervene by an Air Europa pilot.

After being met by police in Madrid, the TOWIE crew were refused permission to board their flight to London. They are now set to face a fine.

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A spokesman for Spain's Civil Guard told MailOnline: "At 2.55pm today (June 14) the captain of the police requested our presence on board a plane at Madrid's Barajas Airport which had touched down from the Dominican Republic to deal with people we were told were causing a public order disturbance.

"Civil Guard officers found these people a little upset when they reached the aircraft. 

"On the indications of the captain and to avoid any more problems nine people, consisting of four men and five women who are all British nationals, were removed from the plane and after the corresponding complaint from the captain they are now set to face a fine."

Officers accompanied the stars to another flight to the UK so they could leave Madrid that night, as the Civil Guard noted the nine people removed were "very co-operative".

An Air Europa spokeswoman also confirmed to MailOnline: "There was an incident on the flight.

"Following protocol, several passengers were asked to leave the plane for refusing to wear the mandatory masks and one of them for smoking inside the aircraft. 

"While leaving the plane, they were accompanied by other passengers without further incident."