RESIDENTS were educated and entertained during a dazzling display which saw a creative show about the environment take place.

Urban Playground, a group which performs parkour, theatrical dance and drama held a show in Harwich on Saturday, June 25.

The show was commissioned by the Time and Tide Bell organisation to bring the climate awareness message as part of its national approach.

Libby Scarfe, of Harwich Seaside Explorers, said: “Urban Playground’s performance made the audience think about climate change and rising sea levels.

“They did this through parkour, atmospheric music and a background narration of a child explaining the state of the world.”

The Urban Playground team’s set was a ship built out of scaffolding and after their performance, audience members had a go at navigating the set.

Libby added: “The way they moved, it looks like nothing but feels like everything, when we had a go it was really hard and requires a lot of strength, I was in awe.”

Before their performance, the team visited Harwich and Dovercourt High School to teach pupils about parkour moves and safety.

Libby said: “It was lovely and the children were really enthusiastic and well behaved, they all had an interest in parkour after.”