WORK has started on a controversial 30 home housing development.

The houses are being built in land behind Una Road, Parkeston after approval was given in February 2022 despite the complaints of those living nearby.

Pam Gooch, who lives on Una Road, said: “The work has started in Edward Street but there will its just a matter of time before it reaches Una Road.

“The parking situation is out of control. You have to turn into the road and just hope nothing is coming the other way, you can’t see because of the parked cars.

“You also have overspill into Edward Street and if a car is coming from there then everything gets stuck.

“You can’t turn around at the dead end because there are cars either side, if the plans went ahead it would just be dreadful, I don’t see how they could do it.”

When protesting the development last year residents submitted 47 objections to Tendring Council.

The plans have generally proved unpopular in the community, with Ramsey and Parkeston Parish Council having previously condemned them.

Bill Davidson, Ramsey and Parkeston Parish Council chairman, said: “I was concerned last year and I am still concerned about the residents welfare and safety.

“The road is small and narrow, if an access road was made it would be fine because I’m all for more housing.

“However, I think its detrimental to people living in the street. If it's 30 new homes that’s potentially 60 new cars in that small area.

“If any accidents were to come of this it would be a big strain on our infrastructure such as doctors.

“When the waste lorry comes down that road it’ll be at gridlock.”

Mr Davidson said he has received more than 10 calls complaining about the noise and traffic from the works with heavy vehicles digging into the ground.

For more details on the housing development visit the Tendring Council planning portal