POLICE have been spending the hot weather patrolling the streets and meeting residents’ puppy pals.

Officers from Essex Police’s community policing team have enjoyed meeting residents and visitors while out on foot patrols in the Harwich, Dovercourt and Manningtree areas.

A spokesman said: “As you can see by the photographs, officers always enjoy the opportunity to make a fuss of their dogs.”

Police are also continuing to remind members of the community about taking care of pets in extreme heat.

During previous hot weather days, officers have handed out advice leaflets on caring for animals in high temperatures.

These include information on providing shade and water, taking dogs for walks, keeping cool and not leaving pets in cars.

Essex Police Tendring has previously pleaded with residents not to keep their pets in vehicles, and warned that officers will smash car windows if they need to.

A spokesman said: “Please do not leave your dog unaccompanied in a vehicle during the summer months. Dogs die in hot cars.

“If you do, it may just be that an officer has to break a window to get the dog out of what effectively turns into a greenhouse.”