POLICE are cracking down on speeding and dangerous driving in Mistley and Lawford.

Officers from the Harwich Community Policing Team have been going on foot patrols in Lawford to conduct speed checks in New Road, Mistley and Colchester Road, Elmstead Market.

Officers also patrolled outside the John Lyall Pavilion in Lawford and carried out speed checks on the main road.

No issues or speeding motorists were reported during the initiative.

Essex Police said it plans to continue to monitor these areas as well as other locations around Tendring.

The force says it regularly patrol the Tendring district with the aim of reducing crime and the fear of crime in the area.

They respond to emerging crime trends and by providing a visible presence they hope to resolve any issues.

A spokesperson from Essex Police said: “If you are experiencing persistent issues with speeding in your area, please report online at essex.police.uk.

“You can also submit footage of poor and dangerous driving to the Extra Eyes portal at aferessexroads.org/extraeyes/extra-eyes-what-next.”