CAR lovers were treated to a dazzling display of classic vehicles as a car show took place among other festivities.

Roman Roadsters, Colchester’s alternative vehicle group, drove down to Harwich with a fleet of cars to host the show in the Harwich Museum car park on Sunday, October 2.

The cars arrived in convoy after meeting at the Hythe in Colchester and had a leisurely drive to the museum where they were greeted by staff who helped them park and provided tea and coffee.

David Whittle, curator of the Harwich Museum, said: “Roman Roadsters got in touch with us after visiting our museum, they thought our car park would be a great place to hold the show.

“We had more than 20 vehicles were in the car park and just outside on the road, the event proved to be very popular.

“On the day, because there were so many people we gave free entry to the museum, it was a lot of fun and we hope Roman Roadsters come back again.”

Among the attendees was John Wade of Harwich and Dovercourt Rotary Club who thoroughly enjoyed the event.

He added: “There were some very interesting and well looked after vehicles on display which was lovely, it was well worth a visit.

“I am a fan of cars but I do especially like the older ones, I can imagine myself 40 years younger on the road when there was less traffic with the wind blowing through my hair having a great time.”

Some of the cars on display included a pre-production consul cortina, an MGA, a morris minor and a nice old Granada.

A spokesperson from Roman Roadsters said: “The museum layout and shop was superb and we would thoroughly recommend a visit there.”

Mr Whittle added: “Our members do love to talk about their cars so the Roman Roadsters show did have a lot of interest.

“A big thank you to Roman Roadsters and the museum staff who made this a special day.”