A LIFEBOAT crew was called to carry out what could be its shortest-ever tow.

Volunteers of Harwich RNLI were requested to launch its inshore lifeboat by Humber Coastguard just before 6pm on Thursday, November 3.

A nine-metre yacht’s engine had got stuck in reverse off Harwich Harbour – just 100 metres from the station.

The occupants had managed to switch the engine off and drop anchor, preventing the yacht from drifting into the shipping lanes, before calling for help.

A spokesman for Harwich RNLI said: “On arrival at the station the casualty vessel was seen by everyone as it was only 100 metres from the station in the River Stour.

“The crew of the Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat took the yacht in tow, once they had managed to ensure the engine was turned off and towed to Ha’penny pier where they were made fast.

“The lifeboat was then returned to station where it was washed down and refuelled by 7.30pm, bringing to a close the 81st service launch of the year.”

Harwich RNLI also asking for donations to fund purchases of life-saving equipment and training.

For more information and to donate visit bit.ly/3fDLlvp.