YOUNG school students were taught about the importance of honouring war heroes who have sacrificed their lives fighting for their country.

Pupils at the Mayflower Primary School, in Main Road, Dovercourt, have paid their respects to fallen soldiers after learning about Remembrance Day.

They paid tribute by artistically making a variety of poppy wreaths which have since been displayed outside of the school.

The thoughtful students were also educated about Remembrance Day, which has taken place on November 11 ever since the end of the First World War.

Some of the school’s Year 6 students were even given the opportunity to delve into their own family history to see if any of their relatives served on the frontline.

Alexandra Larue, acting deputy headteacher at the Mayflower Primary School, said she felt proud of the interest her pupils showed on the poignant day.

She said: “Every class worked hard to create a wreath in an imaginative way.

“They learned the importance and significance of Remembrance Day and why it is celebrated annually.

“Year 6 researched their surnames to discover if any distant relatives took part in the world wars and added the names to their wreaths to honour their heritage.”