AN OPEN council meeting is set to take place allowing residents to voice their opinions on the possibility of a traffic measure that will make streets safer.

Manningtree Town Council is hosting the meeting and will discuss making the town a 20 is plenty zone.

This relates to implementing a speed limit of 20 miles per hour in the residential area of the town.

Rod King, founder and campaign director for the 20’s Plenty for Us not for profit group outlined the groups goals.

He said: “20’s Plenty for Us has more than 600 groups campaigning to make cities, towns and villages around the world better places to be.

“We campaign for a speed limit of 20 miles per hour to be normal on residential streets and in town and village centres.

“This is the case unless full consideration of the needs of vulnerable road users allows a higher limit on particular streets.”

Most of the UK’s larger cities have adopted a 20 miles per hour speed limit for their residential streets.

The council meeting will take place today, November 17, at 7.30pm in Masonic Hall, South Street.

For more information about the 20’s Plenty for Us campaign visit