A GROUP of teachers have stepped out of their comfort zone to learn a form of dancing culminating in a Christmas performance for parents and pupils.

Teachers from Mayflower Primary School in Dovercourt rocked up at the newly launched Freedom Dance School to learn how to tap dance from scratch.

Staff members involved were Jan Tedder, Karen Smith, Tracey Bowers, Sadie Bowers, Alex Larue, Yvonne Dunsire, Susanne Tallowin, Claire Gooding-Matthews and Glen Brunsden.

Freedom Dance was launched by ex-professional dancer Tori Jenner who spoke about the teachers Christmas performance.

Tori said: “They came to my class as a hobby and around September mentioned that their school was doing a show where teachers were performing.

“I suggested the performance and they were all up for it so I started teaching the routine in the beginners class they attended.

“It was a very upbeat and fun Christmas dance, very good for keeping spirits and energy up.”

The group of teachers only began learning in June and performed on Friday, December 16, so it was a quick around to learn the routine.

However, Tori has expressed her pride in the group’s ability to learn at speed.

She added: “They’ve been doing great and picking up the moves really well. They might tell you its much harder but as a teacher I’m really pleased with their progress.

“It’s not easy to learn routines like this but its fun and high energy, you need to have rhythm which they all have and they’ve improved a lot.

“From a teacher’s perspective, the thing I’ve enjoyed the most is getting results. I like seeing them improve and witnessing the group on stage was amazing.”

The performance saw the teachers dance in front of colleagues, parents and pupils who enjoyed the show.

The audience joined in by singing along and clapping as the teachers tapped.

Freedom Dance is an adult dance school that Tori launched in May this year.

She is looking to bring the community together on more occasions through her classes.

Tori said: “I’m currently running a beginners and experienced tap class as well as a stretch and strengthen class.

“In the new year I’m looking to introduce a 55+ class and ballet for adults.”

For more information on Freedom Dance visit facebook.com/freedomdance22.