CONCERNS have been raised about increased traffic on village roads during night-time diversions for the upcoming works on the A120.

During the closure of the A120 between Horsley Cross and Wix from January 9 to January 27, eastbound traffic will be diverted off the A120 at Horsley Cross Roundabout onto the B1035 and B1352 to re-join the A120 at Ramsey.

Westbound traffic will be diverted off the A120 at Ramsey onto the B1352, B1414 to Thorpe, B1033 and the A133 to re-join the A120.

During works on Parkeston Roundabout from January 30 to February 1, February 17 to 20 and February 24 to 27, traffic will be diverted onto the B1352, Ramsey Road, Main Road, High Street and West Street before returning to the A120.

During the Ramsey roundabout closure from February 14 to 16 traffic will be diverted from the A120 to the A133, B1033 B1414 and Parkeston road before re-joining the A120 at Parkeston roundabout.

Harwich councillor Ivan Henderson said: “The diversion will be very frustrating for villagers – and rural roads will deteriorate because of this.

“There are 1,000 lorry movements a day and the impact on rural roads will be massive. I do feel for the villages.

“Essex Highways must keep an eye on National Highways to see if any damage is caused -and must also control traffic speeds through the villages.”

Residents are also concerned about lorries being diverted onto The Street in Ramsey after vehicles became stuck in the village in December last year following a similar diversion following an accident on the A120.