VOTERS in Tendring are being urged to check they have an acceptable form of photo ID to use.

People planning to vote in polling stations for Tendring Council, town and parish council elections on May 4 will need to show a form of photo ID fitting specific criteria to receive their ballot paper.

This comes after a change in the law and a new event dubbed Find it FrIDay will see voters take the time on Friday, April 21, to check they have an appropriate form of ID.

Anyone who does not has until 5pm on Tuesday, 25 April to apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate (VAC) which can be used as their photo ID.

Ian Davidson, returning officer for upcoming elections in Tendring, said: “By taking time on Find it FrIDay to make sure you have your photo ID – and that it will be accepted at the polling station – you will be prepared for election day.

“If you cannot find a form of ID from the Government list, or it is not acceptable, then you still have time to apply for the Voter Authority Certificate; which is a quick and easy process.”

Forms of acceptable photo ID include a UK passport or driving licence, Blue Badge, older or disabled person’s buss pass, PASS card or Defence Identity Card.

The name on the ID must match that on the voter’s poll card.

For the full list visit