CHILDREN across the country are taking part in a series of creative workshops designed to help promote the sustainable qualities of cardboard packaging.

The workshops are hosted by The Creation Station, which has a branch in Tendring, as the campaign is spearheaded by Beyond the Box, an initiative launched by the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI).

Families are invited to take part in a competition in which youngsters will produce creative art made from cardboard, before sharing their pieces on social media.

The winning design will be transformed into a stop motion animation clip.

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Sarah Cressall, chief executive of The Creation Station, said: “In a time when we’re all increasingly thinking about how we can play our part in being more eco-conscious, Beyond the Box is encouraging people to embrace cardboard for its environmentally friendly qualities."

Andy Barnetson, Director of Packaging Affairs at CPI, added: “Partnering with an organisation that’s delivered award-winning, fun and educational arts and crafts classes such as The Creation Station is a great way to spread awareness and get British families to think more about the types of packaging materials that are used every day.”

Families can either take part in the competition online or by joining local classes hosted by The Creation Station until May 31.

For more information on The Creation Station Tendring visit