TWO north Essex MPs visited a wind farm to get a look at a controversial project that is currently under development.

Sir Bernard Jenkin, Harwich and North Essex MP, visited the Galloper Windfarm at the invitation of Five Estuaries Offshore Windfarm.

Mr Jenkin, along with Clacton MP Giles Watling went on a six-hour visit to the wind farm to view the project first-hand and review a briefing and update from the developers.

Five Estuaries completed its second stage of consultation in which it held events in locations across Tendring.

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Mr Jenkin said: “I’m so delighted the Galloper Windfarm bought investment, high skilled jobs and training to Harwich and Dovercourt through the operation and maintenance of Parkstone Quay, while objecting to the pylons proposal.

“I very much welcome the investment and expansion in wind power in the North Sea but connected by offshore alternatives.”

The proposed Five Estuaries wind farm would be located 37km offshore at its closes point to Suffolk and making landfall in Tendring between Frinton and Holland-on-Sea before connection to National Grid near Ardleigh.

However, campaigners have recently protested plans by Five Estuaries for ‘significant’ onshore work from Frinton to Ardleigh as instructed by National Grid.

Mr Watling said: “They are really impressive pieces of structure standing at 420 metres and the voltages are eye-wateringly high.

“The issues I have with the windfarm is that it is destined to make landfall in Frinton and Clacton and then go via underground cable to Bromley where power is taken to London.

“I believe a better alternative would be to use underground cabling through the Dengie Peninsula to the currently unused Bradwell Power Station.”