A FARM shop has appealed for the community's support after its electricity bills soared by more than £1,000.

Birchwood Farm Shop, in Dedham, has seen its monthly electricity cost rise from £650 to £1,700.

The shop in Birchwood Road sells a variety of produce from fruit and vegetables to luxury items.

Its bosses have now asked residents to shop local as they battle to keep on top of rising costs.

They said it has been a trying month, adding the bill is "only going to keep going up as the weather gets hotter."

"Our storage fridges and freezers cost an awful lot to run and cost even more in the summer when they're having to work twice as hard," reads a statement.

"This increase in cost is literally the difference between us being able to stay open and not.

"So, we're doing all we can to see if we can find a way to stay open."

The shop owners said they are feeling "a little disheartened and totally stuck" due to the situation.

They added: "Please, please if you can, shop local and support your local farmers and farm shops.

"They need it more than you know."