A COUPLE’s morning took a surprising turn when they came across a lorry which has toppled over in a Mistley field.

Barbara and Bertie Harper live in Manningtree and had been driving near the sugar beet field at Gunman’s Hill.

During their journey, however, the pair were left shocked when they saw an overturned agricultural lorry in the field.

Barbara said: “The lorry tipped over but the cab was alright.

"They had to get all the fertiliser stuff out before they could sort the lorry out.

"There were lots of helpers there – I don’t think anyone was hurt."

Barbara, who drove past very soon after it happened, said a group of people rushed to help.

“Men were digging what I assume to be fertiliser in the lorry and another tractor came along and started digging it out," she added.

"I assumed it tipped over – the crop had sugar beet. I assume they were delivering some sort of fertiliser.

“It was quite a scene. Everyone was working very hard. We just happened to pass by. No one was behind us, we slowed down and took some photos.

“It was all under control, everyone was doing their bit.”

Essex Police and East of England Ambulance Service have been approached for comment.