DAREDEVILS will have a chance to face fire in an upcoming firewalking event near Harwich.

Participants will be able to walk on fire, enjoy home-cooked vegan cuisine and enjoy refreshments all while receiving empowering training to ignite potential.

The event, from Burn It All Away Firewalking, will take place on October 21 in woodlands near Harwich.

Guests will discover the sensation of walking on fire and conquering fears during the event.

A seasoned guide will lead the newcomers through the journey while helping them tap into their courage and unlock new levels of self-confidence.

The nourishing vegan cuisine includes plant-based meals intended to energise and revitalise from within.

Snacks and refreshing drinks including herbal teas, herbal blends, coffee tea and brewed hedgerow tonic

The event’s organiser Jessin Hood said: “I am dedicated to helping you harness your inner strength and unlock your true potential. 

“Throughout the day we will unlock your warrior with empowering training sessions, I will provide you with valuable tools and techniques that extend beyond the retreat, empowering you in all areas of life.”

The all-inclusive price for the retreat is £75 per person.

For further information, message either Burn It All Away Firewalking or organiser Jessin Hood on Facebook.