FRIGHTENED residents have called for action to tackle teenage tearaways who are terrorising Harwich.

Residents have been left in distress following a reported increase in anti-social behaviour. 

It was reported that a group of youths have been causing havoc during the evening and early mornings across Harwich and Dovercourt

One concerned resident said the latest incidents come following a similar spate in April, which led to an increased police presence in the town.

She said incidents have included people's doors being kicked, and increase in graffiti on fences and properties, as well as excessive noise.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:  

“They smash bottles everywhere, it’s just making my life a misery now," she said.

Harwich councillor Ivan Henderson said: “If this antisocial behaviour has started again, I would expect the police to act the same way as they did before and stop it as soon as possible. 

“People need to come forward and provide the evidence, dates, and times for the police to be able to take the necessary action to deal with these individuals, who are behaving in this unacceptable way by damaging people's property and causing anxiety and stress to local residents.” 

Essex Police said the force is investigating the reported increase in antisocial behaviour.

A spokesman said: “We received an online report concerning an allegation of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage in the area of Maria Street, Harwich. 

“This involved a noise complaint concerning a group of teenagers near a property, in the early hours of Tuesday. 

“Later that morning, some graffiti was reported in the area. "

Anyone with information or evidence is urged to get in contact with the police, quoting incident 103 of October 10. 

Similar circumstances occurred earlier this year when teenagers took part in a disturbing TikTok “challenge” where they would kick people’s doors, film themselves and post the videos on social media. 

These disturbances left residents with damaged property and in fear due to the noisy disturbances at night.