A COLOURFUL carnival complete with costumes, decorated floats and "big heads" has returned to Harwich.

Harwich's Guy Carnival took to the streets of the town on Saturday, starting at Ainger Road in Dovercourt.

The carnival pokes fun at topical issues in a tradition known as 'guying'.

In this year's carnival, The Ark Centre claimed the Harwich Rotary Shield in the category of Small Firms and Organisations, with CVST and Harwich Connexions following behind.

Ian and Emily Steward won the prize for Best Adult 'Big Head' while Jack Hammond claimed first place for the Under 15s.

Henry Grayston came out on top in the under 10s category while Wendy Taylor and the Big Head Group were awarded first prize for Family Group of Big Heads, as Hocus Pocus.

John Wade, chair of the Harwich Guy Carnival Committee for Harwich and Dovercourt Rotary Club, said: "Altogether, we raised £3,384.6 from street collection and lots of positives - people saying they’re looking forward to next year.

"Lots of people saying it was one of the best carnivals in a long time.

"They loved the atmosphere despite the rain. We had 31 volunteers come to help us count all the pennies and tuppences.

"It took four hours for 31 people to count the money.

“We’d like to thank all the people of Harwich and Dovercourt and surrounding areas who turned out to support it. Anyone who came the distance.

"The people of Harwich branch TSB bank who had to recount the money to make sure it was correct. We’re looking forward to next year’s already.”